Guitar Pedals

Boutique Guitar Pedals

Our collection of boutique guitar pedals include fuzz pedals and overdives, delays and tremolos. We are especially fond of fuzz pedals and have a great selection, they all sound fantastic but have very different characteristics. Fredric Effects specialise in making clones of some very rare and hard to find classic pedals from the past including exact electronic clones of the sought-after original well regarded boutique Klon Centaur overdrive pedal. Magnetic Effects produce new designs that take all the qualities of the vintage pedals of the past that we love and craft them into new modern designs with updated features for today's players. We currently stock the 'soon to be classic' White Atom Fuzz Pedal, the more retro sounding Buzzkill Germanium Fuzz Pedal. Malekko Pedals produce a range of top quality pedals all made in the USA and continue to redevelop and release new pedals. One of their best sellers is the Malekko 616 MKII Analog Delay Pedal which is widely regarded as one of the best analog delay pedals available.